Saturday, March 03, 2007

Return to the Road

Well, February was pretty much a write-off in terms of the bike. Only a couple of outdoor rides, a week or two on the trainer, then....nothing. I hadn't ridden in over two weeks, almost three. Busy with work, some cold weather, general lack of motivation.

With forcast of temperatures in the 50's I was looking forward to finally getting back out on the road. Did the 50-mile "usual" route. Wasn't as painful as I was thinking it would be but still revealed that I've lost a lot of conditioning with my light riding schedule over the past 3 months. The Early Birds are starting up again out of Manorville tomorrow but I will probably skip it for a week or two. I've got to get some legs back before I try to keep up with that group.

Other bike news, I've upgraded my racing license to category 4 so hopefully that may open up the oportunity to do a couple of more races this year. We'll see.

Looking forward to another 50-miler tomorrow, maybe solo or maybe with the Early Birds.

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